March 11, 2014

As Kevin pointed out, Charlie continues to adjust and move forward. This week in his therapies, they assessed for new goals as Charlie has mastered so many of the ones he started with. The new goals are geared toward Charlie slowing down, balancing and focusing on a target, task, etc.

These last few weeks there has been gradual improvement of Charlie’s short term memory. The ability to remember details about events and repeat them to others is an important part of how we all connect to each other. There is still a gap and inconsistencies in Charlie’s memories – both short and long term – so we are continuing to follow his lead and wait for him to ask questions. These questions will show us his brain is ready for the blanks to be filled in.

Otherwise, Charlie is looking forward to Spring with warmer temperatures and enjoying his variety of activities (such as the never-ending game of tag he plays with Raeny).

Thank you all for continuing to share this journey with us!



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