(For a current update on Charlie click the banner “Charlie Thompson” above)


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  1. To Charlie and family,
    Please know that friends of friends are with you in this each day…with prayers and intentions for you all. We hold you, as we are all parents and children- all…family.
    Much love,
    Lauren Melnikow
    (friend of Christine Dowling through Zen Center of Syracuse)

  2. Kevin and family, I read your posts everyday with anticipation and joy to all the successes Charlie is having in his recovery.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all on a daily basis.
    Joanne Fanto

  3. We just heard about Charlie and are sending big beams of love and light to him. So glad he is doing so well as of today. I read a few of your posts – they are beautiful and heart wrenching and so filled with love for your son. He is strong no doubt. All the thoughts, love and prayers will help you all through this one day at a time.
    All our love,
    Liz, Ron and Jake

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